Affordable energy efficiency solutions for private tenants
The new Renters (Reform) Bill promises to help
tenants create more comfortable and more
affordable accommodation

Tenants face difficult decisions: increasing levels of rent and accommodation which might be difficult to heat and expensive to run. 64% of private rented accommodation has an EPC below 'C'.

How can renters be empowered to make their accommodation better?

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Tenant empowerment - simply and securely
We deliver this in four steps
Understand needs
We use our intelligence about properties to guide tenants through a decision-making pathway and understand their needs.
Discover deals
Whatever the energy-related solution needed, we match tenant needs with market deals - and we bring landlords onboard too!
Our deals mean tenants' outgoings are guaranteed to remain within an agreed cap. If they leave, fine! It's as simple as renting broadband.
We manage the full process, no matter how small (maybe just a change in energy tariff) or big (say the landlord agrees to solar panels).
Tenants don't feel empowered to initiate energy efficiency changes and are concerned about eviction and cost
Using MyGreenDoor, tenants are given the key to unlocking affordable comfort. Greater tenant security and more affordable solutions (including grants), now offer both tenants and their landlords opportunities that make sense.
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Properties are more than just living spaces; they are investments for both tenants and landlords - at last there is a way for tenants to take the first step

Our goal is to safeguard the wellbeing of tenants by providing them with comprehensive support and guidance throughout the energy efficiency process.

  • Improve comfort through warmer homes
  • Protect against energy bill rises through energy efficiency measures
  • Control overall cost of occupation through budgeting services
  • Collaborate with landlords through mutually beneficial deals
  • Benefit from supplier discounts through aggregated tenant demand
  • Create opportunities for innovative services, eg 'Energy-as-a-Service'
  • Measure the carbon footprint of all tenant transactions
Our mission is to empower tenants to be the catalyst for change in the private rented sector and create more resilient neighbourhoods
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